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Psychedelic retro | BUCK.STUDIO

The underground culture of ‘90s America and the psychedelic art of the seventies combined with contemporary minimalist aesthetic: Polish BUCK.STUDIO  designed a modern and, at the same time postmodern interior for burger and pizza bar Biggy located in central Wrocław.

Biggy has an elongated, corridor-like floorplan: to make sure not to compromise openness, BUCK.STUDIO introduced steel mesh screens to divide the space into smaller, distinct eating zones. The partitions received a vibrant pink, red and blue paint. The eating zones are complemented by a counter and two-person tables: the latter are framed by a bench-like seat, while dark blue and white grid upholstery echoes the light blue and red square wall tiling.

The rigid rhythm of the rectangular tile cladding and the steel partition walls are juxtaposed with the psychedelic flooring, which appears littered with confetti. The atmosphere of the space is made even more exciting by the graffiti-like neon signs designed by Łukasz Wojciechowski, conveying whimsical and funny messages like „Cheesus walks with me” or „Legalise marinara”. The popularity of the restaurant is further enhanced by the vintage video game machine and the servings of fluffy, mouth-watering pizza fittingly cut in square slices, juicy burgers and craft beers.

Photos: PION (Basia Kuligowska, Przemysław Nieciecki)
Source: Yatzer

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