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Quarantine barcodes

I came across a quite outstanding reflection amidst the isolation. The Barcelona-based RETOKA , responded to the quarantine situation with a very thoughtful poster series.

During these quarantine days, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we took a breath and decided to make a series of posters inspired by the most common words and hashtags related to this problem.

We have drawn the lines with barcodes of the words themselves. These codes have been generated following the standard Code-39 ASCII. It is our little tribute to hope, collaboration, solidarity, fight, resistance and to all heroes of the sanitary personnel. We must flatten the contagion curve and win this battle.

The RETOKA . formation: Zara Castellanos and Toni López

According to the mode of action of the barcodes, it is not the black lines but the white ones in-between them are what’s important: the scanner processes the light reflected by them. The white lines of different width allow us to display every character, including numbers and letters in this “language”.

The creators put the barcodes displaying the expressions that are the most frequently in the current situation on the posters. 

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