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Six extraordinary observation points | Czech Republic

An observation point cannot only be built on top of a mountain or in a forest, and it doesn’t even have to be a tower, even though logic would say so. In the Czech Republic, there is also an accessible version built amongst grapevines – here are some of the best and coolest observation points in the country. 

Kobylí vrch viewpoint

The 7.5-meter-tall viewpoint built two years ago can hardly be called a tower: it’s rather a spectacular elevation, which draws the attention of hikers with its location and shape. The cutting-edge structure designed by architect team KEEO Design is located on the highest point of the village of Kobylí, 334 meters above sea level. The conventional staircase layout of observation towers was dismissed in the case of this structure: instead of scary stairs, they designed an elegantly elevating and spiraling ramp, making this viewpoint one of the very few that can be visited by disabled people and those arriving with a stroller. 

The viewpoint in Salaš

The 25-meter-tall tower rises near Salašthe small Czech village of 400 people, drawing the attention with its unconventional shape. The observation tower is shaped like two sevens clinging to each other, but one may also think of a wrench when looking at it – you are not wrong either way. The viewpoint built based on the designs of CAD Projekt Plus reached its final form in 2014: the steel-framed building received a larch cladding matching the landscape. Visitors can approach the summit on a spiral staircase. 

Kelčský Javorník observation tower

The Kelčský Javorník observation tower is situated on the highest point of the Hostýn mountains, at 865 meters height. 24 tonnes of steel and 29 tonnes of wood was used for building the tower of 35 meters height designed by Marta Balážiková and Ondrej Balážik. The tower offers a gorgeous, 360 degree panorama.

Jára Cimrman lighthouse

The observation point rising to the sky near the village of Příchovice is not only of interest due to the splendid views it offers. The 24-meter-tall tower was named after a fictitious character, Jára Cimrman who first appeared in a radio play in 1966. The Czech view him as a real national hero – in the museum built at the foot of the observation tower allows those interested to learn about the work of the imaginary polymath. 115 steps lead up to the top of the tower built based on the designs of Martin Rajniš. The structure does not only serve as an observation point, but as a lighthouse, too. 

A built trail in the treetops

Those visiting the observation tower in Lipno nad Vltavou near the Lipno Reservoir can experience something truly exciting and unique. The structure handed over in 2012 is more than a 40-meter-tall tower: it comes with a guided trail located at the height of treetops, offering countless peculiarities for those wishing to get to know the nature better from an unconventional perspective.

A spiraling viewpoint in South Moravia

At first sight, the viewpoint rising to the sky in Dolní Morava in South Moravia resembles a rollercoaster: as a matter of fact, this guess isn’t far from the truth, as the dynamic structure also hides a slide and other elements known from adventure parks. The observation tower built in 2015 was designed by Zdeněk Fránek, who also has another project we love very much, the one he designed for Valašské Příkazy – the latter is almost the exact opposite of the dynamic “rollercoaster” and rather serves the purpose of allowing visitors to immerse in the landscape and contemplate.

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