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A cabin clad in black | Mjölk architekti

This homey and intimate cabin, where even the grimmest weather becomes enjoyable, was built in the Czech mountains, near the Buková mountain. The renovated house’s design was created by the architectural studio Mjölk architekti.

The original look of the unfinished holiday cottage from the eighties was completely transformed thanks to the architects of Mjölk. The building was covered in black timber, and these homogenous wooden surfaces were paired with round windows, creating an abstract effect—at first glance, the building might even resemble a birdhouse.

Not only its appearance but also the interior was transformed. The simple and functional yet intimate and contemporary interior features two bedrooms: one accessible through a hidden staircase that opens from a closet, and the other through a ladder from the kitchen. The designers also placed a so-called “sleeping window” opposite the fireplace, which provides a comfy nook for unexpected guests. Next to the building, the architects dreamed up a smaller cabin as well, accommodating a guest room and a sauna.

Photos: Boysplaynice

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