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HIGHLIGHTS | summer camps

Colorful duffle bags and suitcases fill the trunk of the bus. The driver tries to stuff one last backpack into the flood of packages. After a goodbye kiss, a hug and a “take care”, the great adventure begins. We travel on highways, and pass through unknown cities and villages until we reach heaven on earth. May it be a campsite deep in the woods, or a dormitory room stacked with ramshackle, squeaky bunkbeds, we feel like this is the beginning of a new era. Thousands of interesting and exciting adventures await us between the wake-up call and bedtime, and we not only fill our duffle bags with laundry when leaving for home, but with memories which will remain with us for a lifetime, and which will be nice to think of when we are back in school. Time passes differently in the camp: in only one or two weeks, the freckled girl on the bus wearing glasses who gave us her cheese sandwich is not a stranger anymore (we’ll be pen pals later). Near bedtime, when the lights go out, the flashlights are put to use, the well-worn books and comics change hands, and we have to share the warm water with others in the bathroom at the end of the hallway. We spend our pocket money on postcards for our loved ones and ice cream for ourselves. Only a few days and it’s goodbye again: the bus is waiting for us puffing. And we take the smell of mosquito spray, campfire, sunscreen, lecsó, wet towels, floating mattresses and the forest home with us. This week, we collected the indispensable accessories of summer camps, from the Czech Republic to Bulgaria.

Kitti Mayer
design theorist


Summer Camp | Madrid, Spain
Maria Maldonado


BESKYDY Stamps | Prague, Czech Republic
Matouš Marťák


The New Ghost | London, United Kingdom
Robert Hunter


Analog | Sofia, Bulgaria
Desislava Kusheva


AIGA Design Camp 2019 | Minneapolis, USA
Studio MPLS

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