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„From chaos to orderliness” – Black hole in a second-hand store

An exciting symbol was placed right in the middle of a second-hand store in Saint Petersburg: the ebony black cube appearing out of nowhere hides a message matching the spirit of the store perfectly.

SVALKA.spb is a new designer and secondhand store in Saint Petersburg. The aim of the owners is to promote conscious consumption, and therefore they only sell unique pieces: only one from everything, thus vested with a special value. 

The clean and endlessly simple interior is dominated by order and the color white, with the exception of a single element: the sloping cube in the middle of the space, appearing out of nowhere, just like a black hole. We can get to second floor of the store through the stairs hidden in the cube, and if we look at it as a symbol, this is what guides us from chaos to orderliness – from excessive shopping to consciousness.

Source: designboom

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