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Surreal portraits | The illustrations of Oleksandra Balytska

Soft pastel tones, dream-like scenes and strange human figures – we present you the illustrations of Ukrainian-born Oleksandra Balytska with a characteristic and unique visual world.

Oleksandra Balytska has had a passion for drawing ever since she was little, but at that time, she thought it was only going to form part of her life as a hobby. After she got her masters diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, she started to illustrate several books and magazines. Her visual world is characterized by surreal figures, distorted human characters and pastel colors. She molds all this into drawings resembling movie scenes.

“I find experimenting with the ratios of the human body quite fascinating. This is the exact opposite of what they teach you first at the anatomy class of an art school. Nevertheless I don’t ignore all the basic rules: the composition principles as well as color and form theory are all important elements of my works. I capture fictitious and imaginary scenes in my artworks, featuring everyday objects, like a phone, a table lamp or a coffee cup, thus further enhancing the surreal world and atmosphere of my illustrations” – Oleksandra added.

If you are intrigued by Oleksandra Balytska’s unique world, go and check out the artist’s Instagram feed!

Oleksandra Balytska | Behance | Instagram

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