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The best photos of Budapest street photographers exhibited

BPSPC, the street photography collective of Budapest will debut at a rooftop exhibition on August 15.

The team of BPSPC established in November last year consists of members with quite differing perspectives about the world, the city and the streets of Budapest. We could only see their photos on social media platforms so far, but now they will introduce themselves in the framework of a joint exhibition. The event will be held at Mammut Tető, where the short movie made about the collective will also premiere in Budapest Rooftop Cinema’s Mammut Tető cinema. 

“We don’t just photograph the streets: our shots and series carry a message, we always portray man and their environment, and this is sometimes grotesque, sometimes aesthetic, but always telling a story in a way only street photos can”  – explained BPSPC their creative attitude. 

Lili Chripkó
Benedek Varga
Dénes Erdős
Jácint Juhász
Bertalan Soós

Exhibiting artists: Krisztián Bedynski, Lili Chripkó, Dénes Erdős, Jácint Juhász, Márton Mónus, Márton Neményi, Bertalan Soós, Bálint Szabó, Imre Szalai, Achim Tálas, Ádám Temesi, Benedek Varga.

You can get more info about the opening and the exhibition at the Facebook event of BPSPC – Highlights.

BPSPC | Facebook | Instagram

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