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Újpest’s iconic craftsmen exhibited

The members of shoemaker, watchmaker, confectioner and upholsterer dynasties, wafer makers and many other tradesman appear on the shots of photographer Miklós Déri. The entire series is exhibited until September 5 in front of the City Hall of Újpest.

The 180-year-old Újpest celebrates with a portrait exhibition about the iconic craftsmen of the district. Commissioned by the Local Government of Újpest, the exhibition focuses on the determining craftsmen of the district, with the photos introducing a whole new world, the heritage of Újpest.  

The portraits printed on large recycled sheets showcase dynasties of shoemakers, watchmakers, confectioners and upholsterers, wafer makers and many other tradesman who represent Újpest’s tightknit community vividly. The portrait series is framed by the metal installation designed and implemented by professional creative design studio INDUSTREAL.

With the photos portraying the prestigious and inter-generational small businesses of this part of the city, the management of Újpest wishes to pay homage to the district celebrating its 180th anniversary this year. 

The open-air exhibition will welcome those interested with fifteen large and unique portraits until September 5, in front of City Hall of Újpest. 

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