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Planets and animals on Bomo Art’s latest notebooks

Paper-maniacs and compulsive note-takers, this one’s for you! The little brother of the A5-sized Bomo Memo is here: the A8-sized memo book set comes with “Planetarium” and “Animals” design.

Notebooks are the saviors of those “blessed” with a bad memory, and the whole human race would be nowhere near it is today without them. Just imagine how many good ideas, smart verses, names, mathematical formulas and inventions would have gone to waste if it wasn’t for notebooks. 

Bomo Art’s latest product is the A8-sized Bomo Memo, coming in two designs. Both sets include a blank, a ruled and a grid version: this is the first time in Bomo Art’s history that they make a grid notebook, for which they used Munken Pure paper for the inner sheets. It will be easy to keep this notebook at hand: its soft-cover, and fits into your pocket or bag easily. Let’s check out the cover designs!

Planetarium set

The designers put a galactic detail of the Planetarium design into focus on all three items of the set.  The inner cover was also made with great care and precision, once again displaying space-related motifs. The inside cover page is a different color in all three notebooks: blue, red and warm yellow. 

These notebooks will inspire you to record great ideas and world-changing thoughts. If you end up writing your shopping list in it, that’s perfectly fine, too!

Animal set 

All three members of this set feature a dreamy animal motif on the front. An elephant radiating eternal peace and permanence is portrayed on the first item and becomes a whole on the back, the next notebook takes us deep into the sea, to the world of squids, shellfish and snails, while the third one is a bird edition, with an elegant, unearthly heron stretching its neck on the back behind the waxwing on the cover.  

The inside cover page also shows three different colors here, made of recycled and particularly eco-friendly Crush Paper manufactured with renewable energy resources. The turquoise color contains 25% recycled leather fiber, the red contains 15% cherry fiber while the purple contains 15% lavender fiber. 

This set invites for daydreaming, and is a perfect place for writing down soft thoughts, melodic sentences and light ideas, but if you end up writing down your daily to-do list, that’s okay. Notebooks are very inclusive.

Look for Bomo Art’s new products in their online store!

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