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Pavements from a skater’s angle | GRRRND Zero

Perhaps as pedestrians we don’t even notice the wide variety of textures we walk on day by day. However, the changes in pavements are much more prominent when on a skateboard, and sliding on the concrete gives a whole different experience than rolling on mosaics. This is what Julien Paccard’s mini-series tells us.

After finishing his video series Color Fools in which he rolled on surfaces of various colors, Julien Paccard instantly started a new project. In his mini-series GRRRND Zero, the video artist and skater showcases how a skater perceives the various pavements in urban spaces, thus making these more visible and sensible for all of us.

The triple r in the title evokes the sound generated by the wheels of the skate, and sounds also play a central role in his concept. The music made for the films always builds on the typical sounds of the meeting of the given surface and the wheels. 

The short movies also have a strong visual world, as the various pavements or spatial elements are not only spectacular but also require professional skater skills. Each part of the series consisting of seven short movies presents a different material: brick, concrete, mosaic, rock, glass, metal and marble. You can check the entire series here.

Julien Paccard | Instagram

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