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The Wall of Sound | panGenerator

The Wall of Sound, the public installation of the panGenerator collective in Warsaw only needs a single sound to write our customized electronic tone. 

Public installation, participatory art and electronic music – the project of panGenerator art collective in Warsaw titled The Wall of Sound combines these genres, and was exhibited on the festival Katowice Street Art 2019: Urban Sound

By pushing the microphones installed into the angles of the installation of hexagonal node structure mounted on the wall, users can record their own voice and the installation creates a symphony out of them by adapting and leading it through the cords. The device can be used by multiple persons at the same time, and so a tone can be created of the voices of several people.

The creators did not create this special sound generator along the high-tech line intentionally: they equipped the device with cheap and popular audio recorders and playback chips for a lo-fi vibe. This way, the sounds created are not crystal clear, but this “unfinished” tone is part of its magic: simplicity and easy adaptability form part of the concept, and so the project can be expanded or further developed in the future. 

Photos: panGenerator

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