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The nineties’ VHS cassettes are now on posters

Die Hard, Jurassic Park, Rambo: one out of the three (and most probably a copy) was sure to be found on the shelves in every household. The cases of the empty VHS cassettes less discovered at the time have now been reinvented by Xavier Esclusa Trias.

Written by: Márk Szolomayer

The Barcelona-based designer created a whole collection using the graphical elements of the paper cases covering the cassettes produced by BASF, TDK, Fujifilm and other manufacturers. And he did good, as the quite artistic graphics that were quite insignificant at the time are now reborn as incredibly cool posters. We can also think of them as individual works of art.

Seeing these posters I would very much like to find the old cassettes of mine having the titles of Home Alone, Christmas Vacation and perhaps even of the Disney films written on them with markers and take a look at them from a new angle.

The purely geometric shapes and the matching typography make each of the prints special and distinct. The posters have no unnecessary shadows, effects or gradient on them. The colors are lively, high contrast and once again clear and instantly recognizable.

Xavier Esclusa Trias | Web | Behance | Facebook | Instagram

Source: abdz.

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