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The world’s first electric autonomous delivery van | Einride

Einride released its electric, self-driving delivery van, which could be the first in its category to conquer public roads.

Named Pod, the vehicle was developed by the Swedish company expressly for delivery purposes, with a capacity of 20 hours a day. The car’s exterior evokes classic delivery vans (minus the windshield), full of streamlined details.

Passenger cars can be categorized into six types according to the level of self-driving functions, however, as the Pod does not carry passengers, they came up with their own standards: it can be ordered either for closed facilities with predetermined routes and a controlled environment; for short shipments on routes that utilize public roads as well as fenced areas; for delivery between destinations on established back road routes with limited traffic; or for high-speed operation on major roads and highways between shipping destinations. The latter two are still under development, while the first two functions are available for order now.

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