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Tesla Cybertruck with a pop-up camping compartment

Tesla debuts a solar-powered pop-up camping structure under the name CyberLandr, designed for their electric car Cybertruck. This solution would allow users to take their kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and office anywhere with themselves.

The living area folds itself into a smaller package, and this small structure fits perfectly on the back platform of the Cybertruck. The CyberLandr provides comfortable accommodation for two adults. It has voice-activated automation to control its lights, electrochromic dimming windows and the 360-degree surveillance system. The structure also has a kitchen and a bathing area with heated floors, and its owner can even work in the comfortable interior in case the weather’s bad outside. The CyberLandr is fully electric and can be charged via cable, but a 500-watt solar panel also helps fill its batteries.

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Source: Designboom

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