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These clocks will change how we think of time

Buddha says all suffering comes from time – or the fact that there is never enough of it. With his groundbreaking clocks, filmmaker turned visual artist Scott Thrift proposes a brand new approach to time.

As opposed to traditional clocks, Scott Thrift’s clocks display time in a broader perspective. The clock titled The Present thinks all year, it takes 365 days for its hand to complete a single round (sparing its viewer from numbers). The clock titled Today encompasses one day along the same principle, while Thrift’s latest clock, the Moon follows the lunar cycle, which means it measures one month with each revolution. 

Thrift’s wall clocks have no numbers on them, and come without ticking sounds. According to the artist, rethinking our approach towards time has a greater relevance today then ever before: “Right now we’re living in the long-term effects of short-term thinking” – alluded the artist to the Covid-19 epidemic and to climate change. 

Source: Wired

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