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27 – My Last Day at Home | Flóra Anna Buda’s latest short film

Deep emotions and social issues, combined with surreal elements. After her very successful diploma film Entropia, Flóra Anna Buda is now working on her latest movie plan 27 – My Last Day at Home, with which she won the Ciclic award of the MIFA pitch forum of Annecy film festival.  Let’s see!

Flóra completed her studies two years ago at the Animation MA of Moholy-Nagy University of Art And Design.With her diploma film Entropia, she was invited to several international festivals including Anifilm Třeboň, the 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF), and she also made her way into the competition program of the 69th Berlinale, where she won the Teddy award for the best short film. Currently she is working on her latest short film titled 27 – My Last Day at Home  in the framework of the animation residency program of the Open Workshop in Viborg.

Transforming self-reflection, understanding and personal experiences into motion pictures plays an important role in her works. Similarly to her movie Entropia, 27 – My Last Day at Home was also inspired by personal experiences and a similarly deep emotional world evolves in the course of the film. In addition to its slightly surreal vibe, fundamentally the goal is to create a more realistic work, accompanied by some humor and irony. 

The story centers around 27-year old Alice searching for her true self, while still living with her parents. The four walls of her old room are suffocating her, which she compensates with an extreme way of life. On her birthday, after a night of partying, she is cycling home intoxicated, and suffers an accident as a result. Alice wakes up in a beautiful meadow, where she gets into an intimate relationship with two police officers. Later on in turns out that in reality, she went into a short coma, and when she wakes up she realizes that it’s time she took responsibility for her actions and take steps for her own freedom. The two-line story (reality and Alice’s imagination) addresses the issues of the housing crisis in Budapest, the phenomenon of postponed adulthood due to cultural-socio-economic reasons, intimacy and sexuality. 

To create the short film, Flóra made a more picturesque, blurred visual world, where reality and imagination are also separated from each other visually.

“In Entropia, the meat tone was one of the means I used to connect the three worlds appearing in the film. It is erotic and raw at the same time. Even though this combination also appears in the case of 27 – My Last Day at Home, it has a more differentiated palette. The scenes that depict reality are dark toned and are made in a 4:3 aspect ratio, thus highlighting the claustrophobic situation of the protagonist. In contrast, the world of fantasy is made with a 21:9 widescreen setting, is characterized by light and pastel tones, thus recalling the feeling of freedom” – the creator told us.

The film is currently in preparations phase, and is expected to reach its final format next spring. We can’t wait to see it!

Flóra Anna Buda | Instagram | Vimeo

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