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Paperdeer’s new music video evokes the visuality of avant-garde movements

The alternative electronic music band returns with a new music video, acting as a forerunner of their new album to be released in spring 2021. Gazsiafter is out now, giving you a taste of what’s to come with a captivating animation music video.

The Paperdeer band was established in 2012 by producers Norbert Biró and Benjámin Kiss. They released several EPs and remixes, but remained silent in the past period. Now they have released a new track titled Gazsiafter, which is also the forerunner of their coming album.

We tried to make energic dance music in a manner to keep its minimalism and organic sound and to steer clear of any mainstream dance music trends. […] The music was greatly inspired by Surrealist art” – shares Norbert Biró about the track. 

The band decided to spice up their latest song with an animation music video telling a story with a Surrealistic visuality, which might as well be the backstory of Gazsiafter. The graphics of the video were made by Saba Anwar living in Paris at the time, with Annamária Radnics in charge of animation and the script based on the guys’ ideas.“The music video goes from tiny details to the big picture, a girl and her environment – the girl’s earring is the pendulum, her hairs are the strings, her eyes are the drums, and her nose is the xylophone. We see all these one by one, always a small section of the whole” – the director comments.

The avant-garde also served as an important inspiration for the graphics, as Saba Anwar explained: “I imagined a contrasting, minimalist yet powerful visual world for the video based on the script I received, inspired by an avant-garde cocktail of Malevich x Kandinsky x Picasso. The guys insisted on one thing, namely that the scenes should form an abstract girl face.”

Paperdeer will soon release more songs and are expected to drop their new album in the spring.

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