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These wireless earbuds deliver simultaneous translation in forty languages

These are not the first earbuds to translate into foreign languages, but the first ones to do so in real-time, instantly and to both parties at once.

The timekettle WT2 edge earbud is an enhanced version of the 2018 timekettle WT2 plus device. For the latter, people from more than ninety countries have chipped in to collect the price of its development via crowdfunding—this makes it clear how big the demand is for such a piece of technology.

The new device surpasses the first real-time interpreting earbud in that it works simultaneously in both parties’ ears, bi-directionally, which means that it allows conversation partners to talk smoothly without having to wait for a translation. The AI-supplemented noise-canceling gadget understands and translates into forty languages with 95% accuracy and a speed of 0.5 to 3 seconds.

Source: designboom

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