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Time in a frame

After receiving multiple recognitions, designer and architect Nazar Şigaher also won at German Design Award in 2019 with his wall clock named Frame Clock. The idea is truly mind-blowing – so much so that the function even fades away a bit next to the appearance.

Written by: Márk Szolomayer

Frame Clock realizes a fairly simple idea, in a quite clever manner: the clock consists of two continuously moving frames, one acting as the hour hand while the other functions as the minute hand. As a result, the clock literally takes another shape in every minute.

In addition to the 2019 German Design Award mentioned before, the clock has also been showcased at the “Telling Time” exhibition in Lausanne, featuring 150 art pieces from the last 500 years in MUDAC Contemporary Art and Design Museum.

According to the creator, the constant change of form created by moving hour and minute hands give this clock a peculiarity that identifies with the concept of time. Thus the saying that even the stopped clock is momentarily correct twice a day has a different meaning here: the frames align and overlap two times a day.

Frame Clock by Nazar Sigaher

Source: Meyer Objects

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