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Traditional Japanese fishing vessel gets a bold graphic makeover

Design studio Nendo reimagined a Japanese tuna longliner with a playful design to relieve the stress of the crew.

Even though one might think the opposite at first, tuna fishing isn’t a stress-free job either. To catch the fish, the crew must dedicate a month of hard labor at sea. Spending so much time at sea is challenging both mentally and physically – this is why Tokyo and Milan-based design studio Nendo attempted to recall the life ashore by designing a graphic pattern for the tuna longliner.

For the patterns, the designers took the logo of Usufuko corporation operating the vessel (displaying a mountain, a star and the number one) as a basis and then deconstructed and reconstructed the same. Both the patterns and the elements applied in the interior of the boat strive to create the atmosphere of life ashore to make the everydays of the crew more bearable.

Source: designboom

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