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Urban astronauts | PAJAK × LANGE & LANGE

The collaboration between the Polish hiking brand Pajak and the creative agency Lange & Lange brings space technology within reach in the form of a spacesuit concept tailored to the urban environment.

Due to increasingly unpredictable weather conditions, we can often face the problem of putting on too much or too little clothes. A practical solution for this is the special concept of Pajak and Lange & Lange, inspired by the special thermal insulation material and modular design of the spacesuits.

Each item of clothing can be unzipped and zipped separately, so we can quickly adapt to changes in the weather. The unusual wear is a transition between professional hiking gear and urban clothing. Highly recommended for practicing space pioneers and extravagant urban adventurers.

Pajak | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Lange & Lange | Web | Facebook | Instagram | Behance

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