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Up until now, Polish design brands were off our radar. But here they come now! We must admit: we are biased towards the Czechs and Slovaks, but only because we speak their language. Polish is somewhat different, for which we must fight a little more. But it is worth it. We will help you think of things other than fudge about the Polish.

Zieta Prozessdesign

We noticed the seat looking like a weary helium balloon at a former fair showcasing Polish-Hungarian design pieces. When we saw the PLOPP seat then and there at STEPS AHEAD fair, we had the feeling that Jeff Koons suddenly swapped his giant metal balloon dogs for furniture design. The special piece of furniture was designed by Oskar Zieta, the founder of Zieta Prozessdesign, who not only applied the unique FiDU (Freie Innendruck Umformung – Free Inner Pressure Forming) technology in the case of this item, but his other pieces of furniture, too. Essentially it is like we were blowing up a balloon: the essence of the technology is to get high-pressure air amongst the pressed sheet metals – this is how the final “bent” shape is achieved. Experimenting and using this innovative technology brought world fame to Oskar Zieta: amongst others, he won the Red Dot Design award and the award of the German Design Council, too. We are not only fond of the PLOPP seats, but the Pakiet, the 3+ and the Rabarbar collections, too!


If you loved the Slovakian Designum magazine, you will like the quarterly published Polish publication, Herito, too, for sure. The magazine is infused with the Central-European heritage and its countless dimensions, in Polish and English language – needless to say, we can relate to that 100%, as we would like to represent or present something very similar at HYPEANDHYPER, too. The latest issue is dedicated to women: it includes, for example, the dominant figures of design and one may also find Krisztián Nyáry amongst the invited authors. Another peculiarity is that they dedicated an entire issue to the Danube in 2018 and to Hungary in 2017. Wow!


If you are ever in Warsaw, don’t forget to include Porcelanowa design store in your to-do list. As shown by its name, the store offers the latest Polish ceramics and glass design pieces, but you can also order your chosen items online. We could spend hours in the “Mecca of Polish ceramics”, for sure: cups, mugs, bowls, plates, milk jugs, bonbonnieres and vases in all shapes and styles. We were very happy to notice the porcelain objects with fingerprints all over them in the online store that were formerly showcased in Platán Gallery at Andrássy út in Budapest. The “People from the Porcelain Factory” exhibition presented the workers of the factory operating in the city of Ćmielów by preserving the prints of their hands on the burnt porcelain in the form of cobalt blue paint. We are head over heels for this collection!


The paper brand known all across Europe, but no one knows how to write down or pronounce their name correctly. The expressions “totally minimal” and “fully plain” pop up in our minds when we see the pieces of Papierniczeni. Their range of products includes calendars, notebooks, pocketbooks, table calendars, weekly planners made under manufacture scheme and all other accessories that are the must-have items of a trendy desk. What we love the most is their table pencil case, shapes like a set of wooden edges. Perhaps you are also familiar with their Projekt Notes No. 1 notebook collection. We would travel to Kraków to attend a workshop organized by them, for sure.


FLAPO was established in 2014 by Robert Szwarczyński. He strives for the most obvious and simple solution when creating his products: this design free from any frills calls the attention with its naturalness. We consider the DODO table lamp particularly relevant in relation to the Bauhaus memorial year, but we would also accept the MAX lamp made out of pinewood with a plastic lampshade. In the case of the MOUSE lamp, humor also plays quite a significant role: this multifunctional lighting item can be placed on a desk, or may be used as a hanging lamp if one fancies, but you can also decorate it yourself if you like. The LAB lamp made of concrete and aluminum makes us feel as if a mini construction crane moved to our desk, of the best quality.

In our weekly series, we present the Czech, Slovakian and Polish brands and design spots that we consider worthy of being placed on our mental design map. It is a guide for those looking for something other than usual tourist sights.

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