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Every coffeehouse owner aims to deliver the most delicious food and beverages to its guests, while the designer’s job is to create an atmosphere that matches all these endeavors. Dubbed Late Breakfast Club, this Ukrainian café combines the two aspirations perfectly with an interior dreamt up by LIS Design Studio.

The cafe is located in Lviv, on the premises of a closed kinescope plant. The owners envisioned a place that would constantly draw visitors not only with tasty bites, but also through various events, meetings, and parties. In this spirit, the goal was to create a transparent and open interior.

“In this project, we wanted to demonstrate our attention to detail and show the design skills by playing with the types of materials and shapes of furniture. The challenge was to merge our interests with the ease and versatility of space,” said Lis Design Studio.

The work started with the restoration of the façade: it received a glass cladding enclosed in a metal grid, thus forming a direct connection between the interior and the city. As an extension to the interior, the rounded exterior element installed next to the entrance, also displaying the name of the cafe, further enhances the façade’s character. The first floor of Late Breakfast Club is an urban cafe, while its top floor evokes a lounge atmosphere.

The tables in the interior were all made to order, with a combination of stainless steel, aluminum and wood. The table next to the window was made of plywood coated with lacquer for maximum stability and durability, while on the second floor, a three-meter-long bright blue tiled community table awaits guests.

The intimate vibe of the place is further accentuated by the exotic plants, the special table lamps and other light elements, all made by local glassblowers and craftsmen. Further eccentric elements of the space include the chairs of different types and shapes, which were brought here from the collection of a Kraków-based architect. 

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Source: ArchDaily

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