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HIGHLIGHTS | Clad in metal

Shiny, durable, protective: these and similar positive properties characterize metal, which has become the most practical material in the packaging industry by now. In this week’s selection, we show you metal-based packagings.

When we think of ancient wars or medieval tournaments, metal armors covering the bodies of courageous fighters are one of the possible associations. Copper, tin, silver, gold, iron, mercury, lead, zinc or platinum: on many occasions metal has been a tool or cause of pivotal turning points throughout history, providing protection or threatening with danger. Heat-preserved foods appeared in the offer of the French confectioner Nicolas Appert for the first time in the history of the food industry, and his invention, which was presented for the 1795 tender competition of the French Ministry of the Interior was a great success even in the eyes of Napoleon. Later, two English entrepreneurs, Bryan Donkin and John Hall, developed Appert’s fermentation technology for metal cans and opened the world’s first can factory in the early 1800s. The technology soon became a great success, and it solves many food-related challenges until today. Mass production brought up a demand for unique packaging designs, so manufacturers put labels and decorations on the cans. Tin cans thus became historical documents of graphic design’s diversity.

Be it a can of sardines or beer, metal serves as a great decorational surface, which is still used by creative professionals with great enthusiasm. Let’s see a couple of examples from Canada to the United Kingdom!

Dillon’s Cocktail Syrups Package Design | Burlington, Canada
Barry Imber

QUEQUEN Pesca de Mar | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Estudio Puerca

Maoundi – Matcha tea | Perm, Russia
gs team
Martin King

Overtone Brewing Co x Thirst Craft | Glasgow, United Kingdom
Thirst Craft

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