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Villa in the woods

Brutalist harmony in a concrete villa nestled in the woods: the residence of this Belgian family looks contemporary and feels as if it had been standing in the middle of the forest forever.

It’s fascinating how timeless the buildings built in the spirit of Brutalism can feel, and the house designed by Belgian studio Govaert & Vanhoutte in a forest near Brussels might just be a textbook example of this phenomenon. In addition to being contemporary and minimalist, the building also reflects on its surroundings elegantly.

Nestled on a steep slope, the two-story building does not only benefits from the forest in terms of view: it was designed in a manner that the sunlight is partially blocked by the trees in the summer, while they allow a maximum of sunlight to enter the house in the wintertime. The architects only interfered with the forest during the construction to the extent absolutely necessary: they even opted for elevating the pool in order to preserve the roots of trees. 

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