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Wedding dresses for life | Nora Sarman 2021

The best thing about Nora Sarman bridal dresses is that we cannot only wear them on our wedding day. Meet the brand’s latest collection ‘Classy’!

The Nora Sarman brand released a summary collection in 2021, marking the seventh bridal wear collection of the brand. The Classy carries the experiences of past years, and thus conveys a fully fledged, unique world – a world that allows for a much more liberal interpretation of the concept of wedding gowns.

This is why we can find two-piece sets consisting of combinable lace tops and skirts in the collection, as who said wedding dresses must be for a single occasion only? These dresses are eternal pieces, and not only due to their style or fabric – the wedding gowns are made of natural materials, comfortable cotton lace and ethereal silk muslin. The guipure lace used for the dresses comes from a French manufactory with long traditions, and thus can be frequently seen on the runways of major fashion houses like Givenchy, Saint Laurent or Alexander McQueen.

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