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2020’s hottest search topics on abstract images | Gergely Vida

In his series Clouds, Gergely Vida stacked images on the most searched topics of 2020 on top of each other.

Photographer Gergely Vida made his abstract visualizations of the results of the hottest search topics in 2020: it’s safe to say that they document the most important events and changes of the year. The terms coronavirus, US election results, Kobe Bryant and Google Classroom appear on both the global and Hungarian lists, while the series condensing Hungarian search topics also include Telex as well as the names Tibor Benedek and Károly Gesztesi.

“Is the feeling familiar, when you look at a vinyl record (or a waveform of a sound sample) and kind of ‘see’ the music and also know in advance what to expect? This feeling took over many times this year when I was browsing for something specific on the internet, looking at the images in these web search results. A rolling mass of information in which I think I discovered repetition, some playfulness, mood and in cases atmosphere. The results of these specific searches I stacked on top of each other, creating the images below. I would like to show these now in the form of an unusual annual evaluation. I selected the topics based on the hottest searches of the year,” introduces Gergely Vida the series on his website.

Vida downloaded as many images on a given topic as allowed by the search engine and than layered them on top of each other with the help of a script written by him. The final visualizations made this way consist of 600-1200 photographs each.

Source: designboom, Vida Gergely

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