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A circular home | Mobius Architekci

This circular house can be found in the depths of the forest near Warsaw, standing out and blending into its surroundings at the same time. The building was designed by the Polish architectural firm Mobius Architekci.

The owner, an art lover and collector, commissioned the architects to design a building that interweaves the intimacy of a home with the stateliness of cultural institutions, making the balance of size, geometry and natural sources of light in the house a key factor during the design process.

To ensure a compelling impact, the house was built on a circular floor plan. Its dimensions are not grandiose, yet the end result evokes fascination. The iron structure of the house was covered with wooden panels, creating a dialogue with the forest around it. According to Przemek Olczyk, the founder of the architectural studio, this house resembles a tree trunk with a homey interior and comfy, intimate bedrooms carved into its wood.

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