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A rippling “solar mountain” in the Nevada desert | NUDES

Organizers of Burning Man, a festival famous for its extremity, want to create a permanent base in the Nevada desert, for which they have announced a multidisciplinary design competition. One of the strongest candidates among hundreds of applicants is a monumental building by the design and architectural studio NUDES. The undulating form of the installation made of recycled wood and solar panels was inspired by its environment, and its goal is to become an inseparable part of the landscape and the festival community.

The designers envisioned a community space, which provides an opportunity for interaction and recreation while actively dealing with the issues of global warming.

According to NUDES’ estimate, the 728 solar panels that make up the installation would produce 873 kWh clean energy per day, which would contribute to the energy supply of the festival greatly while offering festivalgoers a shelter from the scorching desert sun.

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Source: Designboom

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