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Bimbi DECO | Contemporary patterns with traditional techniques

Warsaw-based weaving workshop Bimbi DECO found us on Instagram, and we fell in love with the decorative hand-made tapestries and pillows at the very first sight.

The founder of the brand is Małgosia Kołodziejczak: she initially studied architecture and specialized in heritage protection before finally deciding three years ago that she wanted to dedicate herself to her new passion: the craft of weaving. 

Weaving allows me to combine love of design with a passion for creation. When I weave I feel calm, joy, but also excitement. I want these positive emotions to remain in my fabrics.

– adds the founder of the brand.

The peculiarity of the decorative accessories is that they combine traditional artisan techniques with geometric and contemporary design and the use of vivid colors. The philosophy of the brand is built around sustainability, therefore, only natural and local materials are used: every piece is created out of the wool coming from the sustainable farms in the close vicinity of the settlement of Koniaków. The threads and cotton fibers produced by the shearing of Polish mountain sheep (Polska owca Górska) are reusable.

Each and every product carefully manufactured in the workshop of Bimbi DECO is absolutely unique, and is only made in a single piece.

If you would like to decorate your home with traditional yet contemporary Polish accessories made out of local raw materials, you can order the products of Bimbi DECO at this link.

For further information and new stuff, follow the Instagram page of the brand.

Bimbi DECO Instagram

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