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Brand Design first-hand | Anett Möglich

Content creator, visual storyteller – concepts that might sound familiar in the creative industry, but what to they actually mean? To get answers to these questions, we asked an expert who gained first-hand experience on this area in the world of design. After her time spent at the Danish Norm Architects, Anett Möglich now lives and works in Copenhagen as a freelancer. Interview and insight into an exciting portfolio.

We can talk less and less about distinct areas in the creative industry. One of the best examples for this is Danish Norm Architects: the company founded in 2008 takes on projects in the fields of architecture, interior design, photography and art direction, and it has become a concept in the design universe since its establishment. Anett Möglich has worked for Norm as a PR coordinator for several years, then she started her own practice so that se can work as an independent consultant and can work with photography. 

Let’s cut to the chase: what does a visual storyteller do?

I consider this expression very sympathetic, as it paints an almost literary, romantic picture of the creative content creation industry. A visual storyteller is a person who creates a universe and a visual image for a company that comprehensively communicates the mission and goals of the brand. This includes all the visual elements: photos, videos, and graphical elements like website design, logo or fonts.

Norm Architects / Sandjberg Residence, New Zealand. Excerpt from the press material. Photo: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Many companies don’t employ a separate person for this position, they rather have an expert deal with these tasks such as PR and marketing people. You also worked in the PR department at Norm Architects – what path led you there?

Three years ago I went to Copenhagen to visit a Hungarian girl and then I met my later husband, and so I wanted to spend more time in Denmark. I applied to a Danish university in the framework of a Top-Up Bachelor program, where I studied Brand Design. I was referred to Norm Architects for the PR SoMe Coordinator position by one of my acquaintances and I was hired. 

Norm Architects / Sandjberg Residence, New Zealand. Excerpt from the press material. Photo: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Norm Architects is a very inspiring company, with a team consisting of incredibly talented young people. I learnt a lot during my years spent there: I worked on press materials the most, which means I designed the press package including a project brief, all photo materials, the newsletter and a content plan for all SoMe platforms. In addition, I was in charge of press e-mails, interviews and I also had the chance to work with Kinfolk magazine in relation to the organization of several events, and I also helped organizing photo shoots which I enjoyed very much.

Norm Architects / Sandjberg Residence, New Zealand. Excerpt from the press material. Photo: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Norm Architects communicates with a very authentic image. What do you think makes a brand design authentic? Are there any measures that should be taken when building an image?

I think that the thing that could be the most important in the case of an authentic brand in 2020 is uniqueness. 

There are more and more companies with similar profiles on the market, and the only thing they can compete with is who can look the more special for the potential customers and the target audience. For this reason, anytime I work with a company on branding, I urge them to dare to do something new, something remarkable and not to copy their competitors. I also experience that one does not have to come up with an incredibly innovative product or service – if you design the visual identity and communication of the brand well, you’ve already won on today’s market. 

Frama Shop. Photo: Anett Möglich
Frama Shop. Photo: Anett Möglich

You work in a very inspiring environment. In addition to your work, what else do you get inspired from?

If I had to say a single thing, I would say it is travelling. Owing to my flexible schedule, I can travel a lot and my trips recharge me with many new experiences and ideas. I love wandering around streets, do a long road trip, get lost in nature or discover the design stores, cafés and museums of a given city. 

Frederica Showroom. Photo: Anett Möglich

My other source of inspiration are people themselves. A good conversation with a creative or entrepreneur personality gives me new ideas many times or it urges me to step out of my comfort zone and do something brand new. It may be a cliché, but Pinterest is also an everlasting love for me – I can browse it for hours to get inspired for a new image, photo shoot or interior.

Frederica Showroom. Photo: Anett Möglich

What comes into your mind about Hungarian design?

I must admit that I am not that well informed about the current situation of Hungarian design, and I also regret that I didn’t have more chance to focus on it or meet contemporary designers. But one of my favorite furniture designers is Marcel Breuer, a Hungarian-born designer, whose chairs I adore, and I also obtained a couple of vintage pieces from him. 

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