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Constant and changing | SPLIT collection by YOZA

The lamps of the SPLIT collection designed by István Józsa evoke stability in terms of materials and a continuous circle with their shape. 

The same as in the case of the other products of YOZA, we can observe the dissolution of contrasts in the case of the SPLIT collection too. The fundamentally raw and minimalist style of the brand established by István Józsa is complemented by designer and YOZA art director Daniella Koós with an elegant, feminine line. 

The delicate, flower-like pieces of the SPLIT pendant lamp family are made of steel sheets.  “My goal was to design a product family offering a unique visual experience by combining modern, digital methods and traditional, artisan technologies, while meeting functionality requirements” – adds the designer, István Józsa. 

The lamp shade opening in a manner resembling flowers is made of a 1 mm thick steel sheet, the form of which is achieved through a special bending process. What makes their visuality exciting is the phenomenon of interference: looking at the lamp from different angles, the user gets to see an ever-changing picture. In spite of the lamellar design, the light emitted by the lamp is homogenous, it does not cast a striped shadow on walls, as the light source is a LED panel of large diameter, emitting light on its entire surface.

The lamp family has been developed with the help of the NKA Creative grant.

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