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Go big or go home – something like this could be the ars poetica of Rina Lovko, the architect responsible for the interior of Dicentra flower shop in Kiev. Not only did she sneak in some concrete and steel elements, but she also gave a raw and puritan character to the entire space.

The round shapes of the ‘70s, arches, velvet and pastels have been increasingly popular in the past few years, and all of them seem like a good choice for the interior of a flower shop. But there is something even better: the power of surprise – the same thing Rina Lovko applied when she designed a home for Kiev-based Dicentra flower store.

The shop is located in a 300 square meter hangar-like industrial building, and the designer decided to cherish and follow the qualities of the space. In addition to the preparation, storage and office rooms, creating the showroom suitable for hosting fairs in addition to daily sales activity was one of the key tasks.

When altering the warehouse built in the Soviet era, the designer wanted to make it look as if they hardly touched the space – as if they just brought the flowers and everything fell into place. Therefore, they performed subtle additions like the polished concrete layer on the asphalt floors, placing grey terrazzo elements on the walls, or installing completely simple LED tube lamps.

They paid attention to adequate quality even despite the limited budget; both the terrazzo and the stainless steel covering the work counters are of outstanding quality. Mirrors are also dominant elements of the space: an oval mirror is placed on one of the walls and there is a whole mirror wall in the other side of the room. And of course there are the plants with continuously changing selection – the custom-designed shelf system also serves this purpose.

The entrance already gives away that this is anything but your regular flower shop: the door is framed by a vivid red perforated plate, with a neon signboard up top. 

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