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Harmony of nature and lighting | Plydesign X Nieto Light

Value creation, closeness to nature, free interpretation of forms and innovative lighting technology: this time, Hungarian Plydesign teamed up with design brand Nieto Light to create a new, remarkable design lamp.

Plydesign is well known for their sophisticated and ergonomic furniture inspired by Scandinavian design culture, which cannot only hold their ground on the Hungarian markets, but on an international level, too. At the same time, the brand’s philosophy goes way beyond designing and manufacturing various products: knowledge sharing, talent management and supporting emerging Hungarian designers is also important to them. 

The idea of collaborating with Nieto Light putting modern technologies to use was first conceived during the 2019 Construma exhibition. Nieto Ramón, the founder of the Nieto Light brand found a connection in Plydesign’s openness while looking for new solutions and ideas.

“We already thought about expanding our palette with lighting elements, and so when we met Ramón and his lamps at Construma in the spring of 2019, we thought they could work well if manufactured of plywood, too” – András Kerékgyártó, the lead designer of Plydesign told us.

Two plywood design lamps also special in terms of lighting were created as part of the collaboration,

The SILURUS-PLY boasts a simple form and comes with professional LED lightning, it can be installed on ceilings and suspended ceilings, and is available in direct, indirect, or an indirect radiant version. The body of the lamp is made of plywood which brings warmth and a piece of nature into any spaces. The SILURUS—PLY lamp is available both in American walnut and European oak.

Inspired by nature, the SHELFORDII lamp boasting an organic form is also made of American walnut and European oak. As a suspended ambient design lamp, it enhances the luminosity in any room of our home.

“All the positive feedback reaffirmed us that this was a good direction. We are happy that additional fascinating pieces were added to our FLOTTA collection and that we could work Nieto Ramón, who is a very talented designer” – highlighted Tamás Babits, the founder and managing director of Plydesign.

Go and explore Plydesign’s inspiring and timeless design furniture on the website of the brand!

Plydesign | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Nieto Light | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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