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Highlights of Hungary 2020 | Ákos Takács

Ákos Takács and his team, aka Red Bull Pilvaker was the winner of Highlights of Hungary in 2016. Ákos was invited to be an ambassador for the second time in 2020, and he says he already has three-four solid nominees for this year’s competition.

A marketing manager by trade, Ákos Takács will once again strive to look for ideas that otherwise perhaps would not be noticed by people and will bring them into the spotlight. He loves the stories when someone does an about-face in the midst of the urban rush, and moves to Lake Balaton to pursue their passion behind the counter on in their own restaurant for example.

“I will nominate based on my intuition once again. I say the slogan out loud in myself: »Hass, alkoss, gyarapíts!«, and I will propose projects that I think rhyme with that. I also encourage the other ambassadors to dare to let logic go and rely on their instincts. One of Highlights’ most special values is that it’s not fashionable design or any other external feature that prevails during the evaluation, but the story, the concept and whether the given project influences its environment or not. So we should get away from reality a bit because here we can finally give room to any prominent achievement!” – answered Ákos Takács when asked what he recommends to new Highlights ambassadors.

In 2020, the Highlights team also invites the audience to participate in selecting the nominees. “What are the most excellent Hungarian achievements in 2020 in your opinion?” – they ask. You can help them find the most remarkable Hungarian projects on Facebook and via Instagram stories with the hashtag #hassalkossgyarapits and by tagging @highlights_of_hungary.

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