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Highlights of Hungary 2020 | Vivien Mádai

Television program producer, editor and presenter Vivien Mádai has been invited to the ambassadors’ team of Highlights of Hungary for the second time in 2020.

According to Vivien, it is a huge opportunity that thanks to Highlights, less known projects, even small businesses in the countryside that deserve the spotlight just as much as fan favorite movies can also receive focus.

Her first time as a Highlights ambassador as well as working and thinking together with the other ambassadors also inspired her to realize an old dream of hers: she launched the portrait series Poetré, in which she introduces famous people through their favorite poems or other literary work in a situation that is important to them for some reason.

“The countless positive stories and the energy of the team also sparked up started something in me and urged me to put my creativity to work. I decided I wanted to create something that combines my film studies and my perspective, something that is new and something I can be proud of. Without looking at success indicators, it simply feels empowering to create with fascinating people. This is what Highlights gave me, and hopefully this is what I can give to others” – Vivien explains.

Without knowing that she would be asked to be an ambassador this year again, she has been collecting her potential nominees all year. She says she has been moving around in the world with a different perspective, in a more open way, which already contributes to her life in itself greatly. “For me, it’s important to not only appear as Vivien Mádai, TV program producer, editor and presenter, but to present the prominent Hungarian achievements I come across on a much broader spectrum. Thus in the case of this year’s nominees I will once again look for the masterpieces of humor, rural development and the film scene.”

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