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Iconic buildings of Budapest through the eyes of a graphic designer | Evelin Dankó

The harmony of exciting textures and patterns in pastel and vivid colors: Evelin Dankó pays homage to Budapest and its iconic buildings with detail-rich illustrations.

Evelin was born and raised in Zakarpattia Oblast in a family of art lovers, and so it was only natural that she was also going to pursue a career in this field. She started her graphic design studies in Sopron, and later on also gained insight into the world of illustration and graphic design in Lithuania and Spain. Currently she is living and working in Budapest, which also affects her works greatly.

“I like Budapest’s atmosphere a lot: the noisy downtown just as much as the romantic stairs in Buda. Probably this also played a role in starting my illustration series documenting the buildings of Budapest” – Evelin shared with us.

Nyugati Railway Station | Architects: August W. De Serres, Gustave Eiffel studio
St. Stephen’s Basilica | Architects: Miklós Ybl, József Hild, József Klauser
The market hall in Fővám tér (Central Market Hall) | Architect: Samu Pecz

Her love for architecture reaches back to 2013, when she studied in Lithuania. “In addition to acquiring new information and impulses, we also travelled a lot in the Baltic states, and I even visited some Scandinavian areas. The northern laced façades mesmerized me, and inspired me to draw buildings” – Evelin told us. 

“Budapest is my home, I am amazed by its diversity; the monumentality of buildings is breath-taking. I simply want to show the city from my own perspective” – she added.

The illustrations with a unique atmosphere bring to life Nyugati Railway Station, one of the oldest railway stations in Budapest, as well as St. Stephen’s Basilica, the second tallest building of the city, the market hall in Fővám tér, the synagogue in Dohány utca, which is the biggest synagogue also on an European level, the city’s emblematic building, the Castle of Buda as well as the Opera House – and Evelin still has many ideas up her sleeve. Without spoiling anything, she only revealed that in addition to the iconic buildings of the city, she would also like to capture less known buildings that are dear to her in her own visual world. 

Synagogue in Dohány street | Architects: Ludwig Förster, Ignaz Wechselmann
Castle of Buda | Architects: Jean Nicolas Jadon, Miklós Ybl, Alajos Hauszmann
Hungarian State Opera House | Architect: Miklós Ybl

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