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#stayhomecreative | Home office

As a result of the epidemic, our workplaces and all our office rituals moved to our homes representing comfort, peace and relaxation. It’s nothing new to many, but quite some people find it a major challenge. How do we adjust to the new circumstances?

In our latest #stayhomecreative article, we asked creators to show us what the atmosphere of working from home is like for them. Click to play the videos!

Róbert Farkas | Instagram

Alíz Nagy | Instagram

Erik Pál | Instagram

Luca Tóth | Instagram

Krisztina Tóth | Instagram

Don’t forget to check out the previous part of our #stayhomecreative mini series, in which we let creatives living in Slovakia take over the emptied out urban spaces of Bratislava:

#stayhomecreative | Lost in Bratislava

In our #stayhomecreative mini series, we invite creators whose work we keep an eye on and whom you should follow, too!

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