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Immersing in the power of nature | 55Architekci

The observation point and bridge designed by Polish architecture firm 55Architekci accentuates the power of nature, while allowing locals to explore its beauty and diversity from different perspectives.

The project was implemented in Bobrowisko, in the place of a former gravel pit: the area was reclaimed by nature, which the architects wanted to make more accessible to the locals. The concept of the footbridge and observation point lying above the beaver lodges, at the bifurcation of the mountain rivers is a response to the noticeable scarcity of recreation opportunities in suburban areas, by also drawing attention to nature’s beauty and power.

The architectural elements created are cozy and intimate, and offer a gradual insight into Bobrowisko’s natural qualities: the lack of balustrades, as well as the path and organic shape of the footbridge crossing the river and wetlands force the mindfulness of visitors and vigilant observation of the environment.

As opposed to the footbridge, the edge of the road leading to the two observation points is confined by dense wooden planks, serving as elements evoking a sense of calm and anticipation. The walls of the protected, irregular-shaped observation structure have smaller, geometric openings, thus allowing enthusiasts of wild nature to hide from the observed swans or beavers. In addition to serving as spots for relaxing and immersing into nature, these structures can also provide shelter during inclement weather.

Owing to the choice of materials dominated by raw wood, the structure blends into its environment perfectly, while also interacting with the landscape: the structures clad in metal are immersed into the water, thus undergoing a partial—and planned—decay.

Photos: Kamil Bańkowski, Sylwester Adamczyk, Wojciech Świątek, Dariusz Ptak

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Source: ArchDaily

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