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New Slovenian brand on the horizon | Lady Pippa Co.

We are guided into an idyllic world by the latest Slovenian paper brand, the Lady Pippa Co., whose products are truly loveable with cheerful and soothing patterns in pastel colors and environmentally conscious manufacturing solutions.

At the end of last year, the Slovenian paper brand, Lady Pippa Co. set off with a mission of making everyday life more beautiful with carefully designed and environmentally conscious paper products.

The founder of the brand is the editor-in-chief of the Slovenian Cosmopolitan magazine, Ajda Kolar, who worked together with illustrator Anja Kralj on designing the first product. For now, we can find lined notebooks only on the webpage of Lady Pippa Co., whose covers immediately catch the eye with their cheery pastel colors and detailed pattern system.

“Our goal is to create a line of quality products for women, who love well-designed and quality items and love to use them, to brighten and cheer up our busy daily lives. We may have started as a notebook shop, but we have pretty big plans for the next 5 years,” says Ajda.

The Narava was inspired by the flora of wintertime, while the Trenutki evokes our favorite moments with the first snow, a delicious fruit or just the image of a steaming cup of coffee. The cover of Tolmun recalls spring mornings, blossoming and the memory of waterfront idylls and the Pike, with its irregular dots, brings a little playfulness to the monotonous everyday life.

In addition to aesthetics, it is an important commitment of the brand to make products based on quality and sustainable solutions, which is why they work from local sources and use inks made from natural materials for printing.

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