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Inspiring installations | Hello Wood Off-Mustra 2020

The largest community events have been cancelled this summer, however, Budapest-based architecture studio Hello Wood considered it important to sneak some architecture into our summers. The Off-Mustra creative festival has come to an end in the Balaton Uplands. Let’s see the results!

With universities switching to online education during the lockdown, the experience of community and hand-making have gained even more value for architecture students. The Off-Mustra camp held in early August provided a groundbreaking professional platform for students, an opportunity for meeting, creating together and also a venue for professional development. Owing to the participating eight architecture universities, seven inspiring community installations were made at the villages of Művészetek Völgye: VigántpetendKapolcs and Taliándörögd. Each and every installation made is related to a special local story, and approaches it from a new, fresh perspective.


The Nessius benches of the Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering of the University of Óbuda are located near the Római Őrtorony observation point on the hill above Vigántpetend. The benches were inspired by the natural landscape surrounding the tower and the view over the Dörögd basin. They did not want to set fixed locations for the composition inviting to stop and ponder on the hilly slopes: two pieces of ribbons appear on the slopes that can continue on the neighboring hills any time.

Nessius | Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering University of Óbuda
Team leaders: 
Tamás Fülöp, Péter Oravecz
Team members: Roland Kósa, Kristóf Kurmai, Tamás Sápi, Róza Vadász, Norbert 


The Budapest University of Technology and Széchenyi University from Győr formed a team together. Their installation Centipad reflects to a characteristic element of the urban landscape on the main street of Vigántpetend, the gap between the houses. Their concept adapts and expands this special, fairytale-like space in the form of a multifunctional seating furniture. The piece of furniture designed for the space in front of the gap crawls out of it by adjusting to its dimensions and embraces the green area.

Centipad | Budapest University of Technology and Széchenyi University
Team leaders: Péter Bach, József Élő, Péter Lassu, Zsófia Zétényi
Team members: Aphrodite Angelidisz, Botond Fülöp, Borbála Ilona Gévai, Attila Kovács, Zsófia Magda, Marcell Gábor Szabolcs, Viktória Szemes, Noémi Truhlig


The creation of the University of Pécs aims to make the isolated space overgrown with trees just outside the village of Kapolcs accessible. The small grove has already functioned as a burial ground and a sledding hill over the centuries. The habitants of the village would like to turn it into a place that can be used by the community once again – Lépcső, which forms a gate-like entrance with the overarching plants, would like to promote this idea.

Lépcső | University of Pécs
Team leader: Péter Zilahi
Team members: Eszter Halupa, Brigitta Kovács, Fanni Lukács, Cecília Milanovic, Zsolt Imre Török


The team of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design created special benches for the mortuary of the cemetery in Kapolcs, for which they used leftover wood from previous camps which they then conserved with a Japanese surface treatment technique, shou sugi ban. They burnt the surface of the wooden blocks weighing approx. 300 kilograms with open flame, thus preserving the aesthetics of the raw material, but making the wood weather and pest-resistant. The ties below the benches were made from the fence elements of the cemetery.

Benches in the mortuary of Kapolcs | Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
Team leaders: Tamás Bene, Sándor Guba, Áron Vass-Eysen
Team members: Anna Dresch, Anna Soóki-Tóth, Kira Szabolcs , Dóra Veres


One of the central community spaces of Taliándörögd are the football field and its area, where a playground was also built recently with the cooperation of parents. The multifunctional Csocsocsocsó table built by the team of Budapest Metropolitan University ensures that in addition to the children, the adults aren’t left without games either. The 4-meter long table can also be halved with a lock in the center, thus one side can host nine men’s morris and chess games or can provide a space for people to eat uninterruptedly while others are playing on the other side.

CSOCSOCSOCSÓ | Budapest Metropolitan University
Team leader: Márton Pintér
Team members: Zsanett Dorka, Kinga Katatics, József Kiss, Vivien Andrea Lippai, Krisztina Lovas, Ingrid Manhertz, Dóri Szurduk


The triangle-shaped Átlátó-kilátó of the Faculty of Landscape Architecture of Szent István University provides a one-of-a-kind panorama over the South Bakony area. The team aimed for the spatial display of the moiré effect: by standing in front of the installation, we see a plain surface, but by getting closer the space opens up and we see inside the space of the triangle-shaped prism. The installation is quite likely to serve as an emblematic resting spot for bikers passing by, as many people stopped to take a peek at it already in the construction phase.

ÁTLÁTÓ-KILÁTÓ | Szent István University – Faculty of Landscape Architecture
Team leaders: Bence Török-Szabolcs, Ádám Weiszer
Team members: Viktória Bolvári, Gréta Fazekas, Mihály Fazekas, Tamás Áron Klenczner, Emese Nagy, Marcell Pizmány, Patrícia Helga Szárnyas, Alexandra Edit Szentkuti


The installation <cím nélkül> of the University of Debrecen made for Saint Andreas Church with a Gothic arch approaches the remained structure of Klastrom with humility, instead of building on it. The entrance-like two-person space placed in front of the sanctuary, at the starting point of the old nave designates the former sacral axis according to the ideas of the creators, thus reinterpreting the church space destroyed in the 1600s.

< cím nélkül > | University of Debrecen
Team leaders: Miklós János Boros, Ferenc Keller, Gábor Zombor
Team members: Diána Bodorkos, Róbert Czirják, Klaudia Kármen Kaponyás, Katalin Kitti Kiss, Gábor Máté, Julianna Skrabák, Zoltán Zsupos


Off-Mustra ‘20 organized by Hello Wood
Idea: Péter Pozsár, András Huszár, Dávid Ráday, Krisztián Tóth (co-owners of Hello Wood)
Concept, organization: Anita Farkas, Nóra Fekete, Rita Szerencsés

The program was sponsored by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

Photos: Noémi Szécsi
Source: Press material

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