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Eco-friendly apparel in natural, off-whitebeige and earthy tones: here’s Printa‘s new fall collection, once again conveying an interesting message.

Just like every other Printa item, the pieces of the new collection also echo the esprit so characteristic of the brand: in the course of designing, Printa founder Zita Majoros was inspired by the “side products” of the creative process. 

The main motif of the collection is built around a splash of paint, inspired by the aprons used in the their screen printing studio: these stain collections can also be regarded independent artworks, as they are the unavoidable imprints of active art. 

The stain motif echoes through the pieces of the collection in various ways: it appears on T-shirts, painting overalls and vintage linen belts. In contrast with ART pieces, the PURE pieces also get an emphasis as the part of the collection, symbolizing the blank canvas in opposition to the paint stain products.

The creative process was aimed at creating comfortable, durable pieces that can be used diversely and combined well with each other, all made with zero waste tailoring methods. In terms of materials, natural and neutral fabrics such as bio cotton, hemp linen, linen and recycled men’s shirts.

The iconic pieces of the collection include the patchwork-like cotton jacket, combining unbleached cotton canvas with blue hemp linen and recycled denim, or the deep blue slouchy trousers, dyed by the Bácsalmási Kékfestő dying workshop.

To make it a whole, similarly to their spring collection, Printa once again invited Brigitta Munkácsi to be the face of the new season – Brigi gives useful advice in her nempazar (Don’t waste) blog about going zero waste.

We have good news: Printa’s latest pieces are already available in the online store of the brand!

If eco-consciousness is important to you too, go and explore Printa’s spring collection Scribbles and stones as well as their summer collection titled HERBS, which we have already covered earlier.

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