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Japanese bento box meets eco-conscious packaging

In her collection titled “The One Size, X Size”, Polish designer Anna Piasek designed biologically degradable containers of different sizes and shapes that are not only unconventional in terms of environmental protection but also in terms of design.

Although we already found catering establishments that promote taking our lunches away in our own food containers, the majority of the places still pack the food in plastic boxes as it were the most natural thing in the world. Anna Piasek, a graduate of École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ÉCAL) started off from this problem when she designed the “The One Size, X Size” collection as her diploma project.

The designer chose cellulose as the basic material of the boxes, which is a combination of water and waste paper. In addition to it being a biodegradable material, the packaging is also resistant to moisture: they are also suitable for carrying soups. 

Besides the choice of material, the design is also similarly exciting: the containers were inspired by the Japanese bento boxes, both in terms of function and design. The bento boxes allow the placement of several smaller units of food, while in the boxes designed by Anna Piasek, we can also vary the elements as our current needs and appetite dictates it. 

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