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Relax Underground | Prague

If we had to illustrate the concept of attraction with a single interior, Relax Underground in Prague would be or go-to answer. The next spot is mandatory for David Lynch fans!

Designing a hotel where rooms can be booked per hour is a pretty big challenge, especially if one wants it to be elegant, too. The atmosphere should be appealing, but not vulgar, intimacy should be formed easily, but eeriness should not be lost, either… On top of it all, designer Lenka Míková also had to deal with the properties of the space, as she had an underground place without any windows at her disposal.

The aim of the architect and the client was to preserve the natural brick walls and arches in a manner that the final result does not resemble a Medieval torture chamber by any means. 

The total floor space of the underground complex is 120 square meters, and so it only has five tiny rooms, out of which three rooms are equipped with a bath area. We see the duality of boldness and modesty all around the place: the raw brick walls are disrupted by a bathroom covered in marble, the vivid red is disrupted by an indirect source of light, and the dark, black corridor is disrupted by an exotic wood-panelled cabin.

Designer Lenka Míková revealed that she was inspired by the visual world of the films of David Lynch the most during the design process. The aim was not to emphasize the function of the hotel, but to create a space which works as a parallel reality with the world above. 


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