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Madame Pho debuts a new design

As if we were walking on the streets of an Asian metropolis, yet we are inside a restaurant in Budapest. Hungarian gastro-marketing agency Socially gave an Oriental, neon-infused atmosphere to Madame Pho using fibre cement, neon signs and glass.

Gastro-marketing agency Socially designed an interior for the first time. As part of the complete design and branding concept of Vietnamese restaurant Madame Pho, they were also in charge of the interior of the place. 

“We believe that it is the details that make a brand experience complete, and the interior forms a dominant part of it. In addition to the logo, making the feeling envisioned by us come to life when we enter the space was also important for us when designing the interior. This way, design formed an integral part of the visual identity.” – told us Socially founder Sára Varga about the project.

The heritage of being a former French colony mixes with thousand-year-old art traditions of South Asia and Vietnamese propaganda art in the interior design of the restaurant established by Hoang Nam Trung and his family. 

“We were given a free hand from the very beginning, so we were able to let our fantasy run wild amongst our diverse memories from trips to Vietnam in the same way as the styles, colors and atmospheres are mixed freely in the country.” – Eszter Csontos, the art director of the agency told us.“This is how we recalled the fibre cement coating of houses around the Mekong Delta, the precious wood inlay walls of French Colonial style, while separating all this with the poster walls showcasing the créme de la créme of Vietnamese propaganda art. Guests can also enjoy the neon flush characteristic of Asian cities at any point of the restaurant owing to the mysteriously reflected neon signs.

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