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MOME and Hungarian Red Cross launch joint charity campaign

The first joint campaign of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and the Hungarian Red Cross started on November 20, on World Children’s Day, in the framework of which the two organizations aim to deliver one hundred Baby Packs to disadvantaged families with babies living all across the country.

The Social Design Research Group of the Design Competence Center operating within the organizational framework of the MOME Innovation Center launched its program named MOME Care Packsin the spring of 2020. The MOME Care Packs are digitally downloadable lists and related instructions, with the help of which we can compile packs containing tools that are necessary in certain situations for personal use or for others. Part of the objects listed in the box can be purchased easily, can be assembled from materials found at home, are easy to sanitize, and thus the care packs can be assembled by anyone for people living in their direct environment or disadvantaged groups. The Baby Pack is a Care Pack specifically focusing on newborns. The content of the pack and the related instructions were composed with the help of experts and the professional support of the Magyar Védőnők Egyesülete (Association of Hungarian Health Visitors, MAVE)

The goal of MOME Social Design researchers Bori Fehér and Janka Csernák is to show through these Care Packs that the toolkit of design can be used not only to produce fashionable, new products but also to rethink and make better use of existing objects. 

“We developed the products by keeping sustainability and accessibility in mind at all times. We help so that others can help, and in this case one doesn’t have to go to the store and buy new products by all means. We can create tools using minimum resources with our own hands that disadvantaged families will need when the baby arrives– they stated.

The campaign closing at the end of January 2021 aims to lay down the foundations for a long-term cooperation, in the framework of which help will be provided to disadvantaged communities through the increased involvement of the population.

Source: press release

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