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Negative space

“I am standing in the middle of the city, time has let go of my hand, or I let go of its hand, I’m not sure. There is silence and sunshine. This duo is quite rare in a big city. Work gained a new meaning. Joggings, pajamas and jeans are one and the same. A hybrid. You can do anything in any of them, may it be work, shopping, sleep or simply walking back and forth in the apartment, convincing yourself that you have a task, and that task is walking back and forth. Everydays in a vacuum, like a white tiled hotel shower. Memories are washed away with the soapy, foamy water, the loud laughs of friends slowly fade away in our minds. Time has let go off my hand, or I have let go of its hand, I’m not sure. But I’d drink a f@cking cocktail at Black Swan or eat a chicken Kiev at the market in Hold utca.”

Photographer László Sebestyén’s “virus diary” thoughts and triptych debut here on HYPEANDHYPER!

Photos: Excerpt from the series titled Negative space

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