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Archition | architectural visuals with a twist

Long takes, calming geometry, interesting reflections and last, but not least, cool music – statics on the move. Archition, the joint project of Bálint Jaksa and Csaba Kriston puts filmmaking with architecture in the focus in a new perspective.

Bálint Jaksa has been long dreaming about capturing the buildings photographed on a daily basis in his work in motion picture, too. “I thought about it a lot that what we have to present in various shots in the case of photographing a part of a building or interior could be solved with quite spectacular shots with video means within 1-2 seconds. The otherwise static building can be put in motion with the diverse means of filmmaking in a quite fascinating manner” – the photographer told us.

Bálint has had the equipment for filmmaking, too, for some time now, but he couldn’t find a partner with the same calling. And then one day, it turned out about one of his old friends, film professional Csaba Kriston that capturing architecture is one of his unfulfilled desires. This way, when Bálint mentioned the idea of making architectural movies to him at the end of last year, he jumped at the chance and they soon started their work together, with the MOME video. 

They have been designing and implementing their projects together ever since in the Archition formation. “We are a kind of photographer-videographer team, in which I represent the photography line and bring the architectural perspective, and slowly I’m also learning the know-how of the cameraman role, but the larger part after creating the takes, i.e. post editing is all Csabi’s work.”

On their social media platforms and Behance profile, they also present the shots of Bálint created during his previous shootings in addition to their video works so that more people can become familiar with the perspective behind Archition. The current situation caused by the pandemic narrowed down their opportunities, but they still have much to do in the meantime. “If the world turned in a different direction, we would have made much more video and photo content under our project. By the way, the first video caused such a stir amongst our existing clientele that there were clients who already gave us specific video assignments. Until the situation changes, we’ll keep on planning our own projects so that Archition can come back with something new as soon as it is possible” – Bálint told us.

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