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Organic design furniture from Ukraine | FAINA

Victoria Yakusha, the founder of the FAINA brand has a lead role in making the world become familiar with Ukrainian design. The designer combines eco-conscious use of materials and contemporary design with a traditional Ukrainian crafts technique, and reaches back to ancient traditions for inspiration.

The furniture of the FAINA brand established in 2014 sneak Ukrainian artisan traditions into contemporary design under the radar. As the pieces are made in a naive style, mainly from organic materials, they have no trouble fitting into current trends, including wabi-sabi. Furniture designer Victoria Yakusha was inspired by the 7000-year-old Cucuteni–Trypillia culture, the Scythian civilization and the furnishings of village houses of the Slavs.

The ZTISTA collection means “made out of dough” in literal translation. With this, the designer refers to the traditional Ukrainian crafts technique: rolling. Yakusha used recycled steel as a frame and covered it with cellulose, linen, clay and straw, which are held together by a corn starch-based biopolymer – as if she was making dough, indeed.

“Local craft techniques help me emphasize the importance of a connection with our cultural roots.  I am trying to create a long-lasting sustainable design that one day in future could be found at the homes of our descendants as one of the valuable family treasures”

– explained Yakusha to desing-milk.

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